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83 KVA Diesel Generating Set


Diesel Generating Set


‘Meeraco’, we, are a diesel generating sets industry leader for performance, build quality, reliability, longevity and safety. Our generating sets are specially designed to withstand the harsh Indian environment and usage. Our silent diesel generating sets are especially reliable, fuel efficient and incredible value for money. We have state-of-art manufacturing unit in Ludhiana and an established after sales network across northern India. ( Punjab, Haryana, Delhi )
Meeraco diesel generating sets are powered by the renowned Meeraco diesel engines conforming to the latest CPCB emission norms, are environment friendly and engineered to run under strenuous conditions.

Standard scope Engine:

Meeraco diesel generating sets, powered by Meeraco engines of A series , are rated at 1500 RPM. The engines are radiator cooled, four stroke and multi-cylinder, conforming to BS 5514 / ISO 3046 / ISO 8528.



The scope of supply includes:

  • Electrical starter motor 12V DC
  • Battery charging alternator
  • Bosch fuel system with mechanical governor
  • Dual fuel filter
  • lub oil filter
  • Residential silencer
  • Dry type air cleaner
  • Coolant Reservior
  • Shut-off coil with safeties for LLOP/HWT
  • First fill of lube oil and coolant

Diesel Generator Set Specifications

Make Meeraco
Phase 3 Ph
Rating KVA 83
Rated KW 66
Rated Current (Amps) 115
Power Factor 0.8(lag)
Weight ( Kg ) 1560


Engine Specifications

Make Meeraco
Model B 209G
BHP 99
Working Principle 4 Stroke
Layout of Cylinders In-line
Firing Order 1-3-4-2
No. of Cylinders 4
Bore x Stroke ( mm ) 105×118
Displacement ( Ltrs. ) 4.088
Rated Speed ( RPM ) 1500
Compression Ratio 16:1
Governor Type A1-Class
SFC (Gms/Bhp-Hr ) 158
Lub oil specification CF 4 – 15 W 40
Lub. Oil Consumption (%) 0.1
Aspiration Turbo Intercooled
Oil Sump Capacity ( Ltrs.) 14
Cooling Water Cooled
Coolant Capacity ( Ltrs.) 17
Exhaust pipe size ( mm ) 80
Size ( mm ) 899x555x850
Weight ( Kg ) 470
Emission Compliance as per ISO 8178 (Part-3 )
Battery Rating V/AH 12V/120AH
Fuel Tank Capacity ( Ltrs.) 120

Alternator Specifications

Voltage ( V) 415
Frequency ( Hz) 50
Power Factor 0.8 (lag)
Class of Insulation H Class
Voltage Regulation +/- 1%
Recommended Cable-Al.armoured cable (core x mm2) 3.5×95

Canopy Specifications

Type Bolted
Sheet Metal CRCA
Insulation Foam/Rockwool
Paint 7 Tank Process Powder Coat
Noise Level at 1 M 75 dba
Size ( mm ) 3000x1400x1800


Meeraco Series Engine Features And Benefits :

  • Meeraco series DG sets are smaller and lighter than any other DG set in it’s class, thus giving you the advantage of optimizing your valuable space.
  • Low exhaust emission , meets the next generation CPCB norms thus offering you environment friendly power.
  • Wet liner construction eliminates time consuming and expensive block re-boring during overhauls.
  • Deep skirted crank case design , high degree of rigidity and ruggedness.
  • Easy accessibility of all maintenance parts.
  • High degree of commonality of components over entire range.
  • Individual cylinder head design , savings on maintenance cost and time.
  • Simple inline fuel injection pump.
  • High reserve power margins for providing higher block load capability.
  • Very low basic engine noise level.



Meeraco alternator, suitable for operation at 1500 RPM, 415 Volts,0.8 pf (lag) suitable for 50 Hz, 3 phase & 1 phase, 4 wire & 2 wire system. The alternator is designed and built to withstand tropical conditions. The alternator generally conforms to IEC 34-1/34-2 , BS 4999/5000 and IS: 4722-2001 with enclosures rating IP 23 is the standard version, satisfying IEC 34-5/IS : 4691/DIN VDE 0530-5 requirements. The Alternator is dynamically balanced , brushless type, screen protected, revolving field, self excited, self regulated through an AVR. The alternator has the following features:

  • +- 1.0 % Voltage regulation (max.) in static conditions
  • IP: 23 protection with insulation class H
  • Permissible overload of 10% for one hour in 12 hours of operation.

Mounting arrangement:

Engine and alternator are mounted on a common MS fabricated base frame with AVM pads.


Control Panel:

The gensets are supplied with inbuilt control panels complete with internal wiring/cabling having necessary displays and protections for ease of operation and maintenance. The control panel is manufactured with 14/16 gauge CRCA sheet and is powder coated for weather-proof and long lasting finish.

The control panel consists of the following parts:

  • Microprocessor Controller
  • Kew Switch
  • Aluminum bus bars with suitable capacity with incoming/outgoing terminals.
  • Indicating lamps for Load On and Set Running.
  • MCB/MCCB of suitable rating with overload and short circuit protections
  • Current Transformers.


The Controller :

The controller is a microprocessor based generator set monitoring and control system. The control provides a simple operator interface to the generator set, manual and extended wire remote start/stop control, shutdown fault indication, and an LCD hour counter. The integration of all functions into a single control system provides enhanced reliability and performance compared to conventional generator set control systems. This control has been designed and tested to meet harsh environment in which gensets are typically applied.

Monitoring System:

    Multifunction meter displaying the following parameters:

  • Generator A.C. Voltage
  • Generator Current
  • Generator Frequency
  • Engine Coolant Temperature
  • Engine Lube oil Pressure
  • Fuel Level
  • Generator
  • Battery Voltage
  • Engine Running Hours
  • Service Due Hours

Control System :-

The standard control system includes all the functions necessary to locally or remotely start and stop and protect the generator set.

Key Switch :


In the OFF mode the generator set will remain in sleep mode. In ON position the control is powered and the start/stop push buttons become enabled. DG Set can also be started with key switch manually.

LED Indicating Lamps :-

The control includes LED lamp indication for the following functions :-

  • Failed to start
  • Over speed/Under speed
  • Low oil pressure
  • High water Temp.-Battery Chg. Alt. fail-Radiator water level-Over voltage -Under frequency-Over frequency Under voltage-Over current

LCD engine hour counter :-

The control includes an LCD engine hour counter. The counter will increment whenever the engine is running. There is also a provision for service hour settings.

Engine Safety and Protection Features :

Fail safe system with special sensor to safeguard Diesel generator against faults like :

  • Emergency stop: Annunciated whenever an emergency stop signal is received by the control.
  • Low lube oil pressure
  • High water temp
  • Low and high battery voltage
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over speed protection

Alternator Protective functions includes

  • High and Low AC voltage.
  • Under and Over frequency
  • Loss of sensing voltage input

Acoustic enclosure:

The acoustic enclosure is made of 1.6/ 2 mm thick CRCA sheets in green shade and a structural/ sheet metal base frame painted in black. The walls of the enclosure are insulated with fire retardant foam so as to comply with the 75 dBA at 1 mtr sound levels specified by Ministry of Environment & Forest. Enclosure has the following features:

  • Specially designed to meet stringent MOEF/ CPCB norms of 75 dBA @ 1mtr under free field conditions
  • The compactness of the enclosures make it an ideal choice for customers having space constraints.
  • Designed to have optimum serviceability
  • Built-in fuel tank of adequate capacity ( suitable for 12 hrs. of operation )
  • Air inlet louvers specially designed to operate at rated load
  • Made on special purpose CNC machines for consistency in quality and workmanship
  • External fuel filling with fuel level indicator
  • Powder coated for long lasting service life and superior finish
  • With UV resistant powder coating, can withstand extreme environments.
  • Use of special hardware for longer life
  • Insulation material meets exacting IS 8183 specifications for better sound attenuation.
  • Fluid drains for lube oil and fuel
  • Fuel filling point
  • All doors lockable with common key


    AMF control panel consists of microprocessor based AMF control unit, which can operate on auto, as well as manual mode. It monitors the engine safety parameters and alarm /trip conditions conditions will be displayed on the front panel.

  • Trolley mounted mobile sets
  • Cold starting kit

Technical data

Generator set specifications :

  • A – Series 83-KVA DG SET

    **Due to our continuous product improvement efforts, the specifications in this brochure are subject to change without prior notice. *Fuel consumption of Genset is considering specific gravity of fuel as 0.8355 at NTP conditions and alternator efficient of 91-93%. SFC subject to tolerance of +5%. *Fuel: HSD (IS 1460), calorific value of fuel : 10,500 Kcal/Kg. *Conformance standards: Rating as per BS 5514/ISO 3046/ ISO 8528.

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