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From Chairman’s Desk

When you have the power, you have the ability to shape your business success

MEERACO has come a long way from its modest beginning in 1950 It is easy to look over the past decade with a great deal of satisfaction at what we at MEERACO have achieved. But looking back has never been our style. Yes, we have looked back to do a self-introspection, to check out our strengths and build on them for the exciting journey that lies ahead.

Our success has been a result of team work, persistence and commitment of each and every individual who at any time in our history has been a member of MEERACO. It is through the untiring efforts of these people that MEERACO is growing towards a better tomorrow for all. Our adherence to a set of intrinsic core values of integrity, honesty, trust, respect and finally Sharing & Caring have been the backbone of relationships within our group – between us and our customers and, above all, our business partners.

It has always been my belief that a man is limited only by his thoughts and there are no limits to achieve whatever we desire, as long as this is done within the boundaries of reason and ethics. This means we have to give way to freedom of thought and generation of new ideas, and to be open to experiment. The possibilities in life are many.

This is what gives us the energy and drive to continue to march ahead on the road on which we started.This is how we created and nurtured our Group – this is how we shall carry it forward into future. Indeed, an exciting new India growth story awaits rich with promise.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the stake holders who have in no small measure contributed to the above satisfactory performance of the Company.

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