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Industrial Engine Model A – 172 D

Industrial Engine


With an experience of over five decades, Meeraco is a leading manufacturer of Industrial Diesel Engines in India. We have state-of-art manufacturing unit in Ludhiana and an established after sales network across northern India (Punjab, Delhi, Haryana). Its wide range of products includes Engines and Generators that come with soundproof acoustic hoods and are known for dependable power wherever, whenever required , fully warranted with Single Window Service Network. Meeraco is also equipped to customize its solutions, according to the individual and industrial power requirements. Meeraco A-Series Engine are known for being fuel efficient and have a long operational life, with world-class features like Highly Balanced Multi Cylinder Engines that help in reducing vibration & noise. These unique engines provide complete customer satisfaction.

The scope of supply includes:
  • Rigid long skirted cylinder block enhances service life of engine
  • Simple design for ease of maintenance (saving on cost and time)
  • Modular construction for commonality of parts
  • Meets current emission standards
  • Induction hardened alloy steel cam shaft for accurate value timing control
  • EPDM hose pipes for long life
  • Integral shaft water pump
  • Pressurized lubrication of gear train for low noise & better life
  • Cogged v-belt which helps eliminating slippage & transmission losses
  • Low sump capacity leading to better life cycle costs
  • Liners-Plateau honed
  • A1 class governing with 4% regulation for genset application
  • Bosch fuel system with mechanical governor
  • Coolant Reservoir


ModelA−172DA−262DA−403DA−514 DA−573 TDA−773 TDIA−774 TDIA−984 TDI
Working Principle4 Stroke4 Stroke4 Stroke4 Stroke4 Stroke4 Stroke4 Stroke4 Stroke
Layout of CylindersIn−lineIn−lineIn−lineIn−lineIn−lineIn−lineIn−lineIn−line
Firing Order1−21−21−3−21−3−4−21−3−21−3−21−3−4−21−3−4−2
No. of Cylinders22343344
Bore x Stroke ( mm )95×11095×11095×11095×11095×11095×11095×11095×110
Displacement ( Ltrs. )1.562.0443.0664.0883.0663.0664.0884.088
Rated Speed ( RPM )15001500150015001500150015001500
Compression Ratio18:118:118:118:116:116:116:116:1
Governor TypeA1−ClassA1−ClassA1−ClassA1−ClassA1−ClassA1−ClassA1−ClassA1−Class
SFC (Gms/Bhp−Hr )171165163162155152160158
Lub oil specificationCF 4 − 15 W 40CF 4 − 15 W 40CF 4 − 15 W 40CF 4 − 15 W 40CF 4 − 15 W 40CF 4 − 15 W 40CF 4 − 15 W 40CF 4 − 15 W 40
Lub. Oil Consumption (%)
AspirationNaturalNaturalNaturalNaturalTurbo ChargedTurbo Charged IntercooledTurbo ChargedTurbo Intercooled
Oil Sump Capacity ( Ltrs.)667977109
CoolingWater CooledWater CooledWater CooledWater CooledWater CooledWater CooledWater CooledWater Cooled
Coolant Capacity ( Ltrs.)1010141516162020
Exhaust pipe size ( mm )6565656565658080
Size ( mm )675×555×795675×555×795675×555×795675×555×795675×555×795675×555×795675×555×795675×555×795
Weight ( Kg )250250350450370370460470
Emission Complianceas per ISO 8178 (Part−3 )as per ISO 8178 (Part−3 )as per ISO 8178 (Part−3 )as per ISO 8178 (Part−3 )as per ISO 8178 (Part−3 )as per ISO 8178 (Part−3 )as per ISO 8178 (Part−3 )as per ISO 8178 (Part−3 )
Battery Rating V/AH12V/88AH12V/88AH12V/88AH12V/120AH12V/120AH12V/120AH12V/120AH12V/120AH

*Due to our continuous product improvement efforts, the specifications in this brochure are subject to change without prior notice. *Fuel consumption of engine is considering specific gravity of fuel as 0.8355 at NTP conditions.*Conformance standards: Rating as per BS 5514/ISO 3046/ ISO 8528.

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Industrial Engine Model A - 172 D
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